Knowledge is Power — SmartPower

Would you like to lower your electric bills?  If you are a member of Wood County Electric Cooperative, you can take advantage of an innovative program called SmartPower, a pre-pay electric system.  It’s been proven to lower electric bills by 12%.

Consider this. If your bill averages $250.00 a month, with a 12% savings, you could reduce that bill by $30.00 a month.  In this example, in a year, if you are like most SmartPower users, you could net $360.00 in savings.

What’s more, SmartPower offers members a solution to purchase electricity on their own financial schedule.  It puts the member in control.  SmartPower users NEVER pay costly late fees or collection charges while on the system.  And SmartPower users are never surprised by a big bill a month after they actually used the power.  SmartPower adopters have real-time data at their fingertips that informs them of the exact amount of electricity they are using when they are using it.  They know, then and there, what it’s costing them.

How Does It Work?

The program is simple, and it puts YOU in control.  When a consumer signs up, they receive a special electric meter that works with a digital monitor that continuously displays the kilowatts being consumed.  Because consumers can see the real-time usage, it acts as a solid reminder to turn off those extra lights and power down electronics not in use.  Simply by being more aware of the usage, consumers become more conservative, and that is what lowers the bill.  The SmartPower system is similar to a pre-paid phone card, in that the consumer prepays for electricity by visiting a convenient kiosk and downloading credits onto a SmartCard.  Then, they take the loaded card home and slip it into the digital SmartPower in-home unit, which accepts the payment.  The unit then keeps a running tabulation, and can display current power usage, average daily power usage, and even projects the amount of time left before more credits are needed.  It lets the consumer know, up-to the minute, the amount of energy being used.  SmartPower gives you the knowledge to conserve, and we all know that knowledge is power.  SmartPower consumers can revalue their SmartCards in any of the following convenient kiosk locations.

Kiosk Locations

Grand Saline
Kidd Jones
534 E. Garland

Hira Food & Shell
102 Front

Kidd Jones
301 S. Main

Kidd Jones
1203 N. Pacific

Mt. Vernon
Super Handy #8
Hwy 37 & S. I-30

Lone Star Exxon #6
308 E. Goode

629 W. Main

1000 N. Main Street

4634 W. Hwy 154

How Can I Find Out More or Sign Up?

To learn more, request a free copy of our SmartPower brochure or informational DVD or VHS by calling or emailing our member service representatives today. Call Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. by dialing 1-800-762-2203, or send an email to