The account must be a single phase residential or business account. Both new and existing members can sign up for prepay during regular office hours. Just call 903-763-2203.  We’ll gather some necessary personal information, and get you set up. (Note: From Jan 1, 2019 through March, we’ll be in transition, moving members from the current system to the new system, so the process may not be immediate.)

New Members With WCEC – A new member will pay a 1-time non-refundable connect fee of $30.00. (This fee is applicable to all payment options – not just prepay. Then, a minimum $40 electricity purchase is required. No deposits or credit checks are required.

Existing Members – Existing members may elect SmartPower as their payment method, with a minimum payment of $40. Deposits being held on the account will be applied toward any outstanding balance, and any remaining amount will be credited.  If there is an unpaid balance owed, and a member is approved for this option, arrears can be paid off in time.  To do that, 20% of all future pre-pay purchases will be applied to the debt until it’s paid.