Interested in grid tied solar power?  

 A grid tied rooftop or ground mounted solar system may seem like a great option if you’re considering renewable energy for your home. As you research your options, this list of Frequently Asked Question should help you more fully understand the upfront costs, the potential for energy savings, and your responsibilities. Our solar manager also has a spreadsheet that he can use to plug in your specific data to help you project costs savings. If you’d like to take advantage of this, just email him here:

Additionally, to help you learn the lingo, here’s a Solar Glossary of industry terms and meanings.  

Interconnecting a solar system to WCEC
As a first step we recommend and encourage members to review WCEC’s solar resources on this webpage and download and review our Solar Interconnect Forms

Solar dealers and installers vary widely. As a next step, we advise members to interview and compare designs and quotes from more than one installer. It’s also prudent to read the online customer reviews of the dealers you’re considering. Then, take it a step further and ask for customer references. Most solar units require a large monetary investment. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money, and that you’re buying from a reputable and dependable installer that will ensure your system meets your solar potential, and your goals and objectives. To help with that, we’ve built this Check List of questions to ask the installers you choose to interview.