Grace Period

In these uncertain and challenging times, we don’t want our members to worry unnecessarily. As a cooperative, we’re rooted in doing what’s best for our members and our community.

Until further notice, we’re suspending disconnects for non-payment.  It’s our biggest desire to provide continuity of service, and to reduce the stress that comes with financial worry.  

We are a non-profit locally owned by the members we serve WCEC.  Because of this, decisions that we make affect all members.  Therefore, we can’t forgive debts, as that would ultimately raise costs for everyone.  But because we are a cooperative, we can pull together to help each other through the hard spots.

In return, we are asking members that need financial help to reach out to us. Each circumstance is different.  Based on specifics, our member service representatives can council members on a case-by-case basis to help them manage now, to avoid a more difficult period later. We strongly encourage members that do not have the ability to pay their full electricity bills to get in contact with us now.  Call 903-763-2203 (option 3 to speak to a representative).  Alternatively, email, and include your account number and full name the account is in, and the phone number where we can reach you.  We’ll review your account and give you a call. 

Our business phone line could become more busy than usual.  Rest assured we are concentrating on what’s most important – keeping the lights on.  This is the stormy season, so there will be outages.  Know that we are staffed to handle those. 

If you have not already, we encourage you to learn about the three best ways to report an outage.  This is something you can do to help us.  And, it’s something you can do to help the other members that need to call our business line.

None of these alternate outage reporting solutions tie up the local lines, leaving them free for members to call in to discuss finances and to report emergencies.

Our APP, OUTAGE TEXTING, and the OUTAGE HOTLINE are also the FASTEST ways to get trucks rolling to your outage, and they are also the least frustrating, because you’ll never get a busy signal.

This is an unprecedented situation, and we are all working through the challenges as they come.  We care for the communities we serve, and we commit to stand with you.  We thank you for your patience, loyalty and membership. Together, we are co-op strong!