Important SmartPower Kiosks Update & Holiday Drive-Thru Schedule

November 29, 2017

Since TIO/PayPal rendered the SmartPower Kiosks unusable, WCEC has instituted extended hours at the drive-thru in Quitman to help pre-pay members with revaluing options.  Going into the holiday season, this schedule will be modified.  The December calendar for both the mobile unit and the drive-thru are posted below.

And here are a few important tips and things to know:

  • In 2018 we will modify the drive-thru calendar.  We will reduce the extended hours to 3 days a week and to a half day on one weekend day.  Once final, the new hours will be posted here.
  • Mondays and Fridays are the very busiest days at WCEC.  There are often very long lines and lengthy wait times at the drive-thru. To avoid this, if your schedule permits, consider revaluing on other days, or visiting the mobile unit when it’s near.
  • We have no expectation that TIO/PayPal will make any effort to restore the kiosks. Therefore, revaluing will be limited to the Quitman and Mobile office until a new system is in place, which is expected by August of 2018.
  • In the meantime, those members that have difficulty with revaluing should consider installing a regular meter.  Just call 903-763-2203 to discuss.
  • If your phone numbers, mailing address, or email address have changed, please call us or email ( ) us to update.  That way, as information changes, we can better communicate these with you.  We’ll also put notices on our website,, as well as on Facebook.

We know the lack of kiosks is not convenient for any.  We thank our members for their understanding of this situation.  And, please know we are working toward building a new platform for pre-pay that will be convenient and user friendly.