Keep Conserving

Please keep up the good work conserving. We cannot overstate how critical it is. WCEC is fortunate to be in Southwest Power Pool. Load is very tight but holding.

Many others in the state are suffering rolling blackouts. We thank you for continuing to conserve to help us avoid this if at all possible. At this point, we are not experiencing rolling blackouts, and will inform if those become necessary.

To help, all Members should:
Turn thermostats to 68-degrees or below.
Turn off and unplug all non-essential electric appliances.
Avoid using any large appliances like washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and such.
Large electricity consumers should consider shutting down or reducing non-essential production processes.

If you do have an outage, please turn off the HVAC unit. This will help reduce high load as we try to restore. We know you want to get heat as soon as possible, but we are asking members to leave their heaters off for at least 20 minutes after power is restored.

Lastly, we want member to know that as outages happen, we are addressing them as quickly as possible. The conditions slow our work tremendously, but we are doing everything we can to minimize outage times and restore service.

We also want to thank everyone who is helping us through conservation.