Notice of Planned Power Outage Wednesday, May 3

On Wednesday, May 3, there will be a brief planned power outage affecting about 1,500 meters in the Hawkins area beginning at 4:00 p.m. as we perform work on a substation upgrade. We expect this outage to last one hour or less, depending on construction work progress. Construction times and plans can never be exact, but we will work hard to minimize the interruption.

The Work
As we notified you earlier, it is necessary for us to de-energize the substation to finish the last phase of this upgrade by installing the new transformer.

 How You Can Help 

After the outage takes place, or even in advance, please turn off your HVAC and other large appliances. Once your power is restored, please wait 15 minutes before turning them back on. This cooperative effort on your part will speed the process of restoring service to all 1,500 meters by reducing the demand as we power up the individual circuits.

 Thank You Once Again 

Many moving parts, from crews to weather to equipment to vendor and contractor coordination, are required to perform substation work as safely as possible. We also work hard to consider how these affect households and members. Hopefully, the advance notices have helped in this regard.

We’ve worked hard for you and thank each of you for your cooperation and your good support.