We’re watching the weather.  With the heavy news coverage, you likely are too. As you may have read, the ERCOT market is expecting demand to exceed what was seen last year. But they expect more generation to remain online. Therefore, a repeat of the 2021 grid event is not expected. Because ERCOT has been in the news, this has caused some concern for WCEC members. WCEC receives power for all members, except for one industrial member, from the Southwest Power Pool (SPP). Not ERCOT. If any grid curtailment should impact us, we will inform our members.

Grid supply and demand is just part of the equation. With any significant weather event, there can be damage related outages on both transmission and distribution systems. Ice buildup  can cause trees/limbs to fall on lines, vehicles can hit power poles, and equipment failure can happen. At WCEC, our crews are ready and prepared to respond to outages on our system if any occur.  We also have mutual aid lined up from other co-ops should we need them.

We are asking members to be prepared as well. Please review storm tips Here

Be ready to send receive information from us.

  • Do we have your telephone number in our system? It’s critical for you to be able to easily report outages.  We may also need to send you important text alerts. If your number is out of date, give us a call and we will update our records.
  • Do we have your email? In heavy weather events, we send special email alerts to let our members know what’s going on.  And, to request action when needed. Please know, we will never spam you. We send a once a month E-newsletter, and rare special alert emails.

Report your outages.

  • It’s important for you to report your outages! You can request a call back when power is. restored. If for some reason your power is not on, you’ll know to report it again.
  • To text or call in your outage dial: 866-415-2951.
    – Learn how it works here.
  • If you see a downed line, keep your distance.  Call 911 if it is endangering the public, so first responders can stop traffic near the line until linemen can arrive to deenergize.   If the line is on your private property and poses no danger to others, report it to us at 903-763-2203.

If you have Facebook, “like” us. 

  • We publish fast breaking news there and we give coverage to large outages when we have details.
  • You cannot report outages on Facebook. Account info is needed. A crew will not be dispatched based on a Facebook report. We must verify you are a member and verify the exact location of your outage by your meter location to send help.

Follow outage and restoration progress live.

If any outages occur, we will work as quickly as possible to get them  restored.

  • Weather conditions greatly impact driving and working conditions and the speed of restoration. Please know, our pleasure is to serve you.  We never want one member to be without power. If outages occur, we will work hard for you.