WCEC Presents $1,450 Check to Quitman Anchor Club

Quitman – February 6, 2018

Today a representative Wood County Electric Cooperative, Inc. (WCEC), Paige Eaton, Director of Communications, presented a check in the amount of $1,450 to the Quitman Anchor Club during their monthly meeting. This check was made possible through one of WCEC’s software vendors, SEDC.

SEDC held its fourth annual video contest for current software customers, with the purpose of promoting the benefits of using their products. WCEC’s video “Life with Laughter” was awarded third place with a prize of $1,000 based on the number of votes received. The video also received an additional $450 prize for the SEDC employee choice award for the best comedy.

WCEC participated in the video contest this year on behalf of the Quitman Anchor Club. The Quitman Anchor Club is a chapter of an international youth service organization where teens serve and give back to their local & global communities. Our local club visits the nursing home and assisted living center, serves during the Special Olympics event, helps at a traumatic brain Injury camp, and assists at many community events like the chambers Haunting in the Park.

About this donation, Debbie Robinson said, ““It pleases me greatly to be able to donate this prize money on behalf of our employees and the cooperative. This was a generous gift by SEDC and we are grateful to them for having this contest. I am also pleased to be able gift this money to help the Anchor Club in their various community services and also attend leadership camp this year.

When accepting the check, Jakelin Silva, Vice President of the Quitman Anchor Club, said, “We would like to thank SEDC and Wood County Electric Cooperative for this generous check.  It will help our club members go to convention. Convention is a great place to meet with other clubs, where we bring back ideas for our club to serve the community.”