Wood County Electric Cooperative Scam Attempts

Over the last week, several members of Wood County Electric Cooperative (WCEC) have received telephone calls from potential scammers. These crooks demand a credit card number for immediate payment and threaten to cut off the member’s electricity if the member does not comply.

If WCEC members receive such a call they should be very cautious.

As a general rule, consumers should never give credit or debit card, Social Security, or bank account information to anyone who visits, calls, or sends an email requesting information, without first verifying it. If a member should receive this type of request, they should call the cooperative to verify payment schedules and requirements. When calling WCEC, members should use the telephone number provided on their bill or look it up themselves in the phone book. Members should not assume that Caller ID can be trusted, because thieves can now use sophisticated technology to mimic credentials.

Scare-tactic scams with callers posing as company representatives are increasing. Other utilities and businesses across Texas and the nation are also reporting such scam attempts. So, WCEC is asking all members to remain vigilant. And if they do receive such a call, they should report it to both the cooperative and to their local Sherriff’s office.

Members with any concerns about their account may contact WCEC directly by calling 903-763-2203.

About Wood Country Electric Cooperative
Wood County Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a not-for-profit electric cooperative with themission of providing member-customers reliable electric service at a reasonable rate.WCEC serves over 33,000 meters in parts of nine counties throughout northeast Texas,including Camp, Franklin, Hopkins, Rains, Smith, Titus, Upshur, Van Zandt, and Wood.For further information about WCEC, visit www.wcec.org.

Paige Eaton, Director of Communications,
Wood County Electric Cooperative, Inc.
P.O. Box 1827 Quitman, TX 75783
Telephone: 903-763-2203, ext. 260