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Donation Policy

Objective: Charitable contributions and donations demonstrate Wood County Electric Cooperative’s (WCEC) commitment of adding value to the region served, through the support of community service programs consistent with the mission and priorities of the cooperative.

  • The primary purpose of this WCEC program is to assist charitable, educational and civic organizations, and economic development efforts, within WCEC’s 9-county service area.
  • Under direction of the General Manager the Director of Communications administers the annual donations budget and distribution of funds and goods.
  • Priority will be given to organizations that foster growth and development of youth, sponsorship of causes that help the underprivileged, and those that concentrate on economic and community development.
  • WCEC will give priority to those organizations that have a purpose consistent with WCEC goals.

  • Donations will only be allotted to non-profit organizations with an Exempt Status Tax ID, which must be included in the request. The cooperative will not grant donations or contributions to:
    1. Individuals or fundraisers for individuals
    2. For-profit organizations
    3. Political campaigns or parties
    4. Churches or religious organizations
    5. Groups that discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual  orientation, age, or national origin.
    6. Organizations that WCEC deems do not reflect the  cooperative’s values.
  • Donation requests made less than two weeks prior to an event will not be considered. Typical requests take two to four weeks to process.

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