Wood County Electric Cooperative Inc. (“Cooperative”) is providing notice that it intends to change rates for electric service. Pursuant to Texas Utilities Code section 41.061 the Cooperative has adopted a resolution approving the rate changes below.

Trip Fee $25.00 $30.00
(In Business Hours)
Non-Standard Meter
Reading Fee
$25.00 $30.00
Line Extension Charge
Underground Single-Phase Primary $8.00/ft $9.00/ft
Underground Multi-Phase $10.00/ft $12.00/ft

The current Base Charge of $155.00 and the current Base Charge Adder of $35.00 have been repealed and replaced with a new single Switchover Fee of $315.00.

February 1, 2020 is the effective date for these rate changes, or as soon thereafter as may be allowed by law.

Dear Members,
At WCEC we never want to increase charges, but rising costs sometimes make it necessary to adjust rates from time to time, based on material costs changes, or other factors. The changes in this notice don’t affect the base rates, or per kWh charges, so most current Members will not be affected by these changes Below are explanations and some examples of when the above fees/charges may apply. If you need further clarification, we invite you to call with any questions at 903-763-2203.


Trip Fee: Charged to a Member’s account when a Cooperative employee is required to visit a Member Property as a result of the Member’s actions or otherwise required by the Member Policies. An Instance where this fee may be applied is for a trip to a Member’s Property for an outage resulting from the Member’s actions or equipment.

Non-Standard Meter Reading Fee: Charged to a Member’s account monthly when a Member requests Electric Service be metered by a meter that does not communicate with the Cooperative’s advance metering system. There is an added cost to the Cooperative to maintain these non-standard meters and a Cooperative employee will be required to physically travel to the Member’s property monthly to physically read the meter.

Line Extensions Charges: Charged to a Member for construction necessary to provide new Electric Service.

Switchover Fee: Charged to a Member that chooses to abandon WCEC’s facilities and switch their Electric Service to another electric service provider in areas where such is permitted under Texas law.