The base rates listed below are adjusted upward or downward depending on the cost of wholesale power. This adjustment is known as the Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF).  The PCRF is applied to each kWh billed.

Rate Schedule

Schedule A

(Single phase service less that 50 kW)

Monthly Customer Charge $14.00
Minimum Bill Charge $14.00
Energy Charge per kWh $0.06667

Schedule GS

(Three phase up to max 50 kW demand)

Monthly Customer Charge $29.00
Minimum Bill Charge $29.00
Energy Charge per kWh, first 1500 $0.06210
Energy Charge per kWh, over 1500 $0.05420
Demand Charge per kW, first 10 $0.00
Demand Charge per kW, over 10 $4.50

Schedule OWS

(Above Ground Oil Well Pump Jack)

Horsepower Customer Charge $3.15
Energy Charge per kWh $0.03590

Schedule LP

(Single or three phase service consistently over 50 kW Demand)

Monthly Customer Charge $128.00
Energy Charge per kWh $0.03358
Demand Charge, all kW of demand $6.00

Minimum Bill Charge will be the greater of the following:

  • $1.15 per kVA of installed transformer capacity
  • The demand charge
  • The monthly minimum specified per contract

Schedule SL

(Security Light ONLY Accounts)

New Installation $37.00
Standard LED arm lamp $7.00 per month
Power Flood LED lamp $12.30 per month
Large LED arm lamp $12.30 per month
Pole Rental, 2 poles max per light $0.75 per pole per month
Non refundable pole installation $150.00 per pole

All mercury vapor options are closed to new customers and are applicable to those being served as of October 1, 2007.

Line Contribution Charges

Description Charge 250' Credit Allowance
Overhead Single-Phase Primary and/or Service $6.00/ft $6.00/ft
Overhead Multi-Phase Primary and/or Service $8.00/ft $8.00/ft
Underground Single-Phase Primary $8.00/ft $6.00/ft
Underground Multi-Phase $10.00/ft $8.00/ft
Single Phase Bore (Typical) $8.00/ft $0.00
Single Phase Bore (Under Highway) $24.00/ft $0.00
Multi-Phase Bore (Typical) $10.00/ft $0.00
Multi-Phase Bore (Under Highway) $36.00/ft $0.00

Right-of-Way Clearing

Description Charge
Heavy Timber $10.00/ft
Light/Medium Timber $5.00/ft

For any conversion of existing service (overhead to underground or vice versa), the above charges will apply, plus the depreciated original cost of any existing line and facilities, less the estimated value of salvage, plus the estimated cost of removing them.