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Be prepared for spring storm season with handy tools for fastest restoration and information.

Be prepared for spring storm season with handy tools for fastest restoration and information.

Did you know you can circumvent busy telephone signals to report an outage? Just use the high-volume phone line or text us. These are FASTEST ways to report outages and get trucks rolling to restore. Here’s how to use them:


The toll-free phone hotline can handle almost unlimited simultaneous calls to avoid a busy signal at the office. A member can immediately record an outage, just as if speaking to a person. Just call 1-866-415-2951 and follow the simple prompts. Enter your account number or telephone number and the system will notify our 24-hour dispatcher to direct crews to the outage location. This system also offers a callback feature if the member wishes to be notified when power is restored.


We’re harnessing the power of texting to give members one more FAST way to report a power outage. For the outage texting to work for you, your mobile phone number must be in our records associated with your account. Then it’s as simple as following the below instructions.

  • Text the word “WOOD” to the number 85700.
  • Reply to the returned text with the correct option that matches your address and you’ll be enrolled.
  • If you get the message, “Your location is unknown”, it means we do not have your mobile number in our records and you’ll need to call us so we may input it.

To Report an Outage: Text “OUT” to 85700.

For Status Updates: Text “STATUS” to 85700.

To Un-enroll: Text the word “STOP” to 85700.

You can now also send us a report of your outage via text.

  • To set up your account for outage texting, your mobile phone number must be in our records. If it’s not, just give us a call at (903) 763-2203, and we’ll input it.
  • Then, to enroll, text the word “WOOD” to the number 85700. You’ll receive a return text message to verify the meter location. Reply with the correct option that matches your address, and you’ll be enrolled.
  • Once you are registered for outage texting, you can report outages by texting the word “OUT” to 85700.
  • You can also receive status updates by texting the word “STATUS.” To unenroll and stop receiving messages, text the word “STOP” to 85700.

To use the systems, it’s critical that member contact information and phone numbers be up-to-date so the system can “recognize” you and identify your account. Don’t wait until a power outage to discover whether this easy and effective tool will or won’t work for you. To verify that your account information is up to date, please call us at (903) 763-2203 or follow these steps:

  1. Visit: Account Services
  2. Select My Account
  3. Select Account Profile
  4. Enter Updated Information
  5. Select Submit