One of Wood County Electric Cooperative’s (WCEC) guiding principles is that of cooperation among Cooperatives. WCEC is stronger and serves members more efficiently and effectively through alliances and by working together with others on both the regional and national level. Economies-of-scale and the power and strength that comes from large numbers has never been more effective than it is in the electric cooperative realm where all have the same core value – Offering reliable, safe, and affordable electricity to member-consumers.

Texas Electric Cooperatives (TEC)

TEC is a not-for-profit statewide organization based in Austin, TX, and is currently comprised of 65 electric distribution cooperatives (like WCEC) and 9 generation and transmission cooperatives. TEC was first established in 1941 to act as an advocate for members in matters involving the Texas Legislature, United States Congress, and various state and federal regulatory agencies. TEC still does all of those things, but has expanded over the years to offer other world-class services including safety and developmental training, publishing the Texas Coop Magazine, hazardous waste disposal, equipment repair, various consulting services and procurement/supply chain management. To drive efficiencies and costs savings, WCEC takes advantage of many of these services, when appropriate. Visit Texas Electric Cooperative

Touchstone Energy

Touchstone Energy is a branding initiative and nationwide alliance representing more than 700 local consumer-owned non-profit electric cooperatives in 46 states. Touchstone Energy is the national brand identity for that network. WCEC derives great value from Touchstone Energy as a member because it affords access to world-class and innovative promotional and educational materials and savings from economies-of-scale. Visit Touchstone Energy

National Rural Electric Cooperatives (NRECA)

NRECA is a national service organization consisting of more than 900 electric cooperatives. Collectively, these electric cooperatives, based in 47 states, provide electricity to over 42 million meters. NRECA cooperatives account for approximately 12 percent of total electricity sales in the United States.  NRECA has grown to become a powerful resource for research, consulting and government relations, among other things. Visit the NRECA website