Wood County Electric Cooperative employs modern meters that offer many advantages, including remote disconnect/reconnect, better outage detection, “blink” troubleshooting, meter tampering detection, and the ability for members to remotely view their own usage details. Main features of the system are:

  • Reduced operating expenses, helping to keep rates low:
    • Reduces the number of cooperative vehicles on the road, saving fuel and time.
    • Detects and pinpoints electricity theft.
    • Produces valuable data to help us work with members to lower kWh consumption.
  • Removes guesswork from designing electrical facilities:
    • Ensures efficient and effective investments in new power lines, substations, etc.
    • Reduces line loss.
  • Increases reliability.
  • Better data helps WCEC proactively prevent outages.
  • Ability for queries speeds restoration.
  • Members location transfers and connects/disconnects can be processed in real time.

Our digital meters are integrated with customer service, billing, engineering, and outage computer systems. They are secure and provide greater privacy by eliminating most on-premise visits.

WCEC’s meters offer enormous benefits for both the members and the cooperative. However, some members may have concerns. Seemingly legitimate but unscientific and unsupported criticisms or claims have raised concerns about privacy and/or health. You can read more about that here: Privacy & Health Concerns

For those members that choose, we do offer a non-standard meter option. Members may download the Non-Standard-Meter-Order-Form to learn more and complete the form.