SmartPower allows members unprecedented freedom from big electricity bills. With prepay, there are no deposits, no big monthly bills and no late fees.  Members simply add credit to their account when it’s convenient, and they can do it 24/7 via the website, the bill pay App or by telephone.  Members can also purchase credit in person at our office.

Once an account is established and has a credit balance, energy use is recorded. Charges are deducted daily from the credit balance.  As the balance lowers, a member makes additional payments to ensure credit remains to keep the power connected.  Members are in full control of the process.

Things to consider about SmartPower
In conventional billing, members receive bills long after they have used the electricity and can be surprised by a big bill.  Sometimes, it can be a struggle to pay, especially during peak winter and summer months.  With SmartPower, there are never any surprises. SmartPower users can make daily, weekly or bi-weekly payments, and select purchase times that suit their own schedules and finances.

Another advantage of SmartPower is that prepay members save about 15% to 20% on their monthly bills. That’s because they remain more aware of electricity use as they are using it.

SmartPower is also a way to help members get out of debt. Members, once approved, can have account arrears moved to the SmartPower payment plan. Each time they purchase electricity, 20% of the purchase will be applied to the debt. It helps those members keep electricity up and running without paying a full past due amount.  A little bit at a time, members pay off the debt.

How SmartPower works
In theory, it’s similar to a pre-paid phone where you prepay for talk time.  But, in the case of SmartPower, you’re buying electricity in advance of using it.  As you use electricity and the kilowatts are recorded, the cost is deducted daily from your account balance.  When your pre-pay balance lowers, you’ll just add more credit.

You will receive free low-balance alerts via email and/or text messaging. These alerts will give you ample time to purchase more credit before the meter shuts down. Also, in addition to alerts, you’ll have the ability to get your balance by calling the cooperative or checking online.