Chances are, if you received a busy single while trying to report an outage, it’s because you were calling our office number instead of the high-volume number.

Recently, we mailed all members a postcard with refrigerator magnets with the Outage Hotline number.  This is not the general office number – but a high-volume call line situated in a major metropolitan area.  It has heavy call volume capability. We’ve had this since 2010 and promote it regularly.  In June, we sent our postcard mailers as a reminder, and included a handy refrigerator magnet.

Why do we have this line?

During large-scale outages when there are hundreds, or even thousands of members without power, the rural phone system cannot connect all of those calls.  And even if it could, these calls can’t all simultaneously come into the limited number of lines at the cooperative. Thus, callers get that annoying busy signal.

During this last round of storms, we heard that some members were challenged with busy phones and unable to report their outages. That should not be the case with one of these handy outage reporting tools: The Outage Hotline, Outage Texting, or the App.

Outage Hotline:  Just Dial 1-866-415-2951 and follow the prompts. (If this won’t work for you, please call the office.  Your current phone number is not in our records).

Outage Texting:  Text 85700

Register first by texting the word “WOOD” to the number 85700.

Reply to the returned text with the correct option that matches your address and you’ll be enrolled.

 If you get the message, “Your location is unknown”, it means we do not have your mobile number in our records, and you’ll need to call us so we may input it.

Then, just save the number in your mobile, along with the commands in the notes so you’ll remember them,

To Report an Outage: Text “OUT” to 85700.

For Status Updates: Text “STATUS” to 85700.

 To Un-enroll: Text the word “STOP” to 85700.

Outage Reporting & Bill Pay App:

WCEC’s mobile app allows members to report outages, pay their WCEC bills or view usage graphs anytime from any compatible smartphone or tablet.

To get the free app, just search for “Wood County Electric Cooperative” in the Apple Store or in the Android Market and then download it. Once you have the app, either call the office at 903-763-2203 or log on to the Account Services Portal to generate a user name and password.   DOWNLOAD THE iOS APP or DOWNLOAD THE ANDROID APP


For any of these to work for you, your telephone numbers must be in our computer database.  If you’ve changed your number recently just give us a call at 903-763-2203, or update your account information via the Account Services Portal.