There’s Now Just One Number to Call or Text

We’ve changed the telephone number for Outage Texting at WCEC from 857-00 to 866-415-2951. Please note, the old number, 857-00, will no longer work.

Save 866-415-2951 in your contacts to use to report outages in the future. When you use this option, there’s no waiting or busy signals. This number allows members to quickly CALL or TEXT in an outage – provided their mobile number is in our system associated with their account.

To Report an Outage: Text “OUT” to 866-415-2951
For Status Updates: Text “STATUS” to 866-415-2951
To Un-enroll: Text the word “QUIT” to 866-415-2951

New technology has allowed us to “text enable” our existing high volume outage hotline, 866-415-2951. Having one number to report outages, instead of one to text and one to call, streamlines the process for all.

It improves our communications. With this change, we can send relevant emergency, outage, and storm alerts to enrolled members.

Moving to this platform allowed us to auto-enroll all members in this service. Previously, a member was required to self-enroll. This removes the work for you.

We will never use this system to sell or promote. It will only be used to relay information on service related issues such as outage information, outage restoration efforts and emergency info.

Any member that does not want to remain enrolled should simply text “quit” to 866-415-2951, to opt out. Once opted out, you will not receive WCEC outage or emergency related information. The only way your mobile number can be opted back in is for you to text “opt in” from the mobile phone to the number.

For any of our outage reporting systems to work for you, your mobile number must be in our database associated with your account. If your number has changed, and you’ve not updated it with us, please give us a call to change it. Or simply log in to the Account Services Portal to add numbers or make changes.