Always dress for safety when using power tools by wearing safety gloves and heavy footwear.  For good measure, safety glasses and hard hats, when appropriate for the work,  can prevent serious injuries as well.  Avoid working in damp and wet areas with power tools, but if it’s necessary, wear rubber gloves and rubber soled shoes or boots, and work standing on a rubber safety matt.  Water and electricity don’t mix, so extra precautions are necessary.

It’s important, when using tools near water to also employ some sort of Ground Fault Circuit interrupter (GFCI).  The GFCI will “sense” any difference in the amount of electricity flowing into the circuit verses flowing out.  If it detects a difference it will trip the circuit which cuts the power A worker can plug into a wall outlet GFCI if one is present.  Or, use a temporary/portable GFCI, which are frequently used with power tools for outdoor work or at construction sites. But, before using a temporary GCFI, make sure to test it to ensure it’s still working properly.   And, never use one of these as a permanent solution for a wall mounded GFCI.

Tools should also be regularly inspected for any wear and tear.  If power tool cords are frayed, remove the tools from service.  Also, always disconnect power tools when replacing blades, bits or other implements.  And never carry tools by the cord or yank them to unplug them.  Use the plug at the end to gently remove the cord from the power source.  This maintains the integrity and safety of the cord.  When using corded tools, also, always be mindful of where the cord is, so it doesn’t become a tripping hazard, or you don’t accidently cut into it.  Then, only use tools in well-lit areas.  Lastly, be mindful of your work area, keeping it neat and clear of debris, to avoid tripping.  Be mindful of any chemicals or paint in the work zone as well.  Move them a distance far enough away to avoid sparking equipment from igniting and causing a fire.  Lastly, keep pathways clear, so you can get to the power shutoff, in the event of an emergency.