What is the PCRF?

As a nonprofit distribution cooperative, WCEC buys wholesale power from other entities to distribute to members as they use it. WCEC doesn’t mark up the cost of this power or make any profit from it. As power costs fluctuate in the market, the PCRF allows WCEC to pass the cost fluctuations to members. This is not a rate change on the price of electricity, but members pay more per kWh with an increased PCRF and less per kWh when it is lowered.

To secure the best power prices, WCEC is a member of two generation and transmission cooperatives, Northeast Texas Electric Cooperative and East Texas Electric Cooperative, formed to allow distribution cooperatives to plan power supply in larger quantities and take advantage of economies of scale.

Members’ monthly charges as provided under the applicable Schedule shall be increased or decreased based on a Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF) (expressed in $ per kWh) computed monthly as follows:

PCRF = (A – B ± C) ÷ kWhs

A =Total est. cost of power from all suppliers.
B =  “Base Power Cost” is WCEC’s total est. cost of power included in the Cooperative’s Rates. The Base Power Cost is computed as:
B = (D) (kWhs)
D = $0.03972
C = Adjustment to be applied to the current monthly billing to account for differences in actual cost of power and actual PCRF revenues recovered in previous periods.
kWhs = Total estimated energy sales for billing period.

Can Someone Help Me Understand My Bill?

At WCEC we are always delighted to help our members better understand their bills.  If you’d like to review yours or need help calculating it, just give us a call us at (903) 763-2203 or email info@wcec.org.