Dig into Safety with 811

In Texas alone, there are millions of mile of underground electric lines, fiber optic cables, and water and gas pipelines. Shoveling into any of these can cause costly and catastrophic loss of vital services.  But damaging a gas or electric line can also cause loss of life.  Why risk it?  It’s just better to know what’s below, so you can take the proper precautions.

And it’s so simple to do! Before beginning any digging project, just call 811.  It’s that simple.

A federally appointed phone number, 811, is a system formulated to protect life and property from unintentional digging accidents. Dial it toll free from anywhere in the country. Then, just answer a few simple questions about where you plan to dig.  Within just a few days, utilities will locate and mark the approximate site of any buried service lines or pipes.  This service is free to use, and it helps you avoid the unwanted expense of repairs, and also possible fines for utility damage.

After your lines are marked, just carefully dig around the marks – not on them. And, importantly, know that over time, underground services can shift due to erosion or other reasons.  So, if any time has passed, be sure to call again if you plan to dig near a previous location.  And, of course, every time you dig in a new location.

Happy and safe, digging!