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Urgent Electrical Safety Warning for Pokémon Go Players

website_photo1.jpgWood Country Electric Cooperative warns players of the popular reality game Pokémon Go to stay away from substations, power lines, transformers, and all electrical equipment while playing the game.

Online threads have reported that the “electric” type Pokémon can be found near electrical substations and transformers, as well as during thunderstorms.  While WCEC cannot control when and where the Pokémon may appear, remember that it is unsafe and illegal to trespass in electrical substations. And know that if a player sees a Pokémon, they do NOT have to climb any fences or get up close to a transformer or powerline to catch it.  If the Pokémon is seen in your game, you can click it to catch it without compromising safety.  It goes without saying, where there’s thunder, there’s lightning, so in that case it’s wise to stay indoors where it’s safe.

Parents should talk to any of their Pokémon Go playing children, explaining the dangers of electricity.  And when you do, why not share these important safety tips too?

  • Always stay away from power lines, transformers, substations, and electrical work sites.
  • Never jump on, sit on, kick, or stick anything inside a transformer, including pad mount transformers.
  • Do not climb power poles or throw things into power lines, and never try to retrieve anything resting on a power line.
  • Stay away from power lines that have fallen because they can still be energized.

At Wood County Electric Cooperative we know “Conquering The Land” is hard work and we wish you much luck, as well as the utmost health and safety on your quest to “Catch ‘Em All”. 


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