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Have you come to in search of rebates? Well search no more.  Great rebates are here.  Just in time for summer, WCEC is launching a rebate program that will make it easier than ever to say YES to energy savings, while also earning lucrative bill credits. Each member can earn up to $2,000 annually during the life of our rebate program, along with years of energy savings, by implementing any one or combination of the 18 qualified energy saving actions for residential and small business consumers.  There’s also a lighting rebate for our commercial and industrial members.

Our program, named GREAT REBATES, is funded entirely from unclaimed capital credit payments returned to WCEC by the state of Texas.  GREAT REBATES kicks off on July 1, 2014 and uses escheated funds to the best advantage of our members and the cooperative. GREAT REBATES is first-come, first-served, and will last until the money is gone.  All rebates will be returned to members in the form of a credit on their bill and can range from $20 up to $2,000, depending on the action. 

To participate is simple.  Active members should visit Great Rebates located under the Member Services tab to download the claim forms and follow the simple submission instructions to send to us electronically or by mail.  Once a claim has been reviewed, validated, and processed, you’ll be notified via postcard or email when the credit will appear on your bill.

The items and actions that qualify run the gamut from simply having an HVAC tune-up, purchasing Energy Star compliant appliances, to adding insulation.  Full details for each rebate can be found on each individual claim form.  Importantly, each form is unique to the rebate claim, and all criteria must be met to claim the rebate. So prior to making a purchase, if you are planning on claiming a rebate, it is important to note the qualifying criteria.  If you have any questions prior to making a purchase, call us and ask for the Rebate Administrator at (903) 763-2203 or e-mail  The Administrator can guide you to help you best maximize this opportunity.

GREAT REBATES is a wonderful way to take advantage of continual savings on your electric bill and reap some immediate financial rewards while doing so.  And, it’s a win-win for all members, since together we’ll be increasing efficiency, reducing our energy demand, and limiting our carbon footprint.  How GREAT is that?


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