79th Annual Meeting of WCEC Members

WCEC GM/CEO Debbie Robinson congratulates member Louise Sims of Quitman on winning the Grand Prize at the 79th Annual Meeting.

Over 700 members attended the 79th Annual Meeting of Wood County Electric Cooperative, Inc., (WCEC), held Friday afternoon, October 6, 2017, at Governor Jim Hogg City Park in Quitman. Prior to the meeting a free concert featuring The Almost Patsy Cline Band was a crowd pleaser. Following, a keynote address was given by Congressman Louie Gohmert.

After, Debbie Robinson, CEO/General Manager of WCEC, briefed members about efficiencies that the cooperative has adopted to ensure cost effective operations. She also discussed ways cooperatives help each other and their communities. She used this as an opportunity to thank the two WCEC line crews who volunteered for restoration efforts following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  She said, “It just makes me proud to work with people who are willing to leave the comfort of their home to help others during disasters like hurricanes. These guys are true professionals in their trade.”

In other cooperative news, Robinson gave a briefing on a new program called Operation Round Up, which will be a means for WCEC members to support regional charities.

WCEC Board President and District 1 Director Pat Lindley announced the results of the board of director’s election, which was conducted by mail and tabulated by accounting firm Knuckols, Duvall, Hallum & Co. He reported the reelection of Burke Bullock for District 2, Kenneth Langley for District 3, and Lewis Young for District 7.

Lindley also announced that the board of directors voted to retire capital credits, saying, “We will retire $1 million in capital credits which is 31% of 2016 margins. In total, over the last 27 years over $24 million dollars has been returned to our members. We appreciate you supporting our electric co-op and in turn our ability to return capital credits to you.”

After, the cooperative held the annual prize drawing, which was conducted with the help of two local children, Carlee Hensley & Nicholas O’Neal. In all, over 90 prizes were given and made possible through generous donations by WCEC’s vendors. During the prize drawing, the 4-members who won $250 in electricity credit were announced and are: Charlotte Vanderslice, Ben Wheeler; Wanda Gilbreath, Yantis; Robert and Joan Sloane, Qutiman, and Ben Hunziker, Mineola. The winner of the grand prize, a 55’ HD flat screen TV was Louise Sims of Quitman.