Don’t Remain The Dark

We’ll all be talking about the 2020 winter storm for years to come. But while it’s fresh, we’d like your attention.

During the height of it, our members were desperate for information. You wanted to know if we’d be impacted by rolling outages. You wanted to know how long they would be. And lots of other things. And we wanted to tell you!

During times like that, phone lines get extremely busy and it can be difficult to reach us. To bypass that, we use several ways to push out important timely information. Our Website, our Facebook page and our E-newsletter.

For example, these were the ways we reached members to ask them to curtail usage to help avoid rolling blackouts. We also used these to inform about outages and give updates.

One communication channel was especially appreciated, and it was the special detailed E-newsletters. This allowed for in-depth explanations about that was happening, and these calmed fears and motivated members to act to reduce usage.


Typically, we only send our E-newsletter, On The Wire, once a month. But in the midst of a crisis, we sent several special mailings and it became a very powerful medium.

If you trust us with your email address, we will never spam you. You’ll get the regular edition, once a month only. And during system-wide emergencies, we’ll use it to send relevant updates. Just go here to sign up: