EPTP Recognizes Generosity of WCEC

On Monday, August 6, Instructor Trevis Croft, representing Kilgore Jr. College, recognized Wood County Electric Cooperative’s generous support of the college’s Electric Power Technology Program. This program is a 10-week course for participants to earn an electrical power certificate, which prepares them to enter the electric utility industry with a good working-knowledge as a foundation for a successful career as a journeyman lineman.

During EPTP, students learn about generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity, enjoy special hands on-training with regulators and transformers, and learn how to operate various equipment. They also receive safety lessons, gain the knowledge to earn a Commercial Drivers’ License, and they learn how to properly and safely climb poles and perform pole-top rescue.

Eleven cooperatives and utilities throughout the region sponsor the school, with equipment and financial resources to help train the next generation workforce. WCEC’s recent recognition was in thanks for the donation of a decommissioned digger truck, which the cooperative gave to the school for students to benefit from hands on training.

Over the last several years, WCEC has hired 10graduates from the school. About that, Rusty Mask, Director of Operations at WCEC said, “When a candidate comes to us from EPTP, we know they’re cut out for the strenuous, dangerous and technical nature of this highly specialized job. Successful graduates come to us well prepared. The school serves as a proving ground of sorts, and weeds out those not suited for the job. That’s ideal for the worker, as well as for us employers.”

C.H. Campbell, WCEC’s Chief Operating Officer, accepted the award on behalf of WCEC.  About the donation Campbell said, “One of our governing cooperative principles is to invest in education and training and what better way to invest in education than by donating a digger truck for these future lineman to receive hands on training.”