Outage Reporting Hotline

WCEC’s outage reporting system has tremendous capabilities to immediately record outages with just a few button pushes. The system recognizes a member by their account number or primary telephone number listed on the account. This simple tool will help members circumvent the busy telephone signals to get and give information during times of large-scale power outages. This system does not replace our personal service, but is intended to allow en masse reporting when needed.

Instructions for the Outage Hotline

  • Be prepared by having your WCEC account number or phone number that is on file with WCEC available.
  • Dial toll free 1-866-415-2951 to report and hear about an outage.
  • Listen for the updated information regarding any large-scale outages.
  • Follow simple prompts. Enter your account number or telephone number if prompted.
  • The system will notify our 24-hour dispatcher to direct crews to the outage location.
  • Lastly, the system will offer a callback feature if the member wishes to be notified when power is restored.

Outage Texting

We’re harnessing the power of texting to give members one more FAST way to report a power outage. For the outage texting to work for you, your mobile phone number must be in our records associated with your account. Then it’s as simple as following the below instructions.

  • Text the word “WOOD” to the number 85700.
  • Reply to the returned text with the correct option that matches your address and you’ll be enrolled.
  • If you get the message, “Your location is unknown”, it means we do not have your mobile number in our records and you’ll need to call us so we may input it.

To Report an Outage: Text “OUT” to 85700.

For Status Updates: Text “STATUS” to 85700.

To Un-enroll: Text the word “STOP” to 85700.