Downed Power Lines

Power lines that are down are dangerous. They may still be energized. If you see one, keep your distance and call (903) 763-2203 to report it. LEARN MORE » 

Trees and Power Lines

Tall trees and limbs that brush against power lines can knock down the lines in high winds. Call (903) 763-2203  if a tree needs trimming to clear the lines or submit an online request here. Click here for a tree trimming/planting guideline. LEARN MORE »

Generator Safety

A generator can be indispensable in areas where there is no electric service, or as a backup during power outages, but they can also be very dangerous if not operated properly. LEARN MORE »

Household Safety Tips

Simple steps taken both inside and outside of your home can keep you and your family safe. Follow these safety tips to keep you family safe whether indoors or outdoors. LEARN MORE »

Outage Emergency Kit

Every household and business should keep a power outage emergency kit handy. Here you can find some basic items to place into your kit. Items in the kit should be dictated by individual needs. LEARN MORE »

Call Before You Dig

Know what’s below. Call before you dig 800-DIG-TESS (344-8377), or simply dial 811. LEARN MORE »